Baha’i New Year Celebration on Monday, March 20

The Saskatoon Baha’i Community will hold its annual Naw Ruz (New Year) celebration on Monday, March 20, 2017. The event will start at 7:00 pm at the Radisson Hotel in Saskatoon. This will mark the first day of the 174th year of the Baha’i Era, which began in 1844.

People of all ages are welcome. In addition to a light refreshments and fellowship, there will be a short devotional program, First Nations dancing and drumming, juggling and dancing for all ages.

The Baha’is look forward to welcoming their families and friends to this joyous event.

Naw Ruz 174

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Baha’i New Year Celebration March 19

The Saskatoon Baha’i Community will hold its annual Naw Ruz (New Year) celebration on March 19, 2016. The event will start at 6:30 pm at the Forestry Farm Park Hall, 1903 Forest Drive in Saskatoon. This will mark the first day of the 173rd year of the Baha’i Era, which began in 1844.

People of all ages are welcome. In addition to a potluck feast and fellowship, there will be First Nations hoop dancing and drumming, music, face painting and dancing.

The Baha’is look forward to welcoming their families and friends to this joyous event.

Baha'i Naw-Ruz Poster 2016


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First Global Celebration of the Birthdays of Faith’s Founders

Later this week, Saskatoon’s Baha’i Community and their friends will be joining people around the world in the first planet-wide celebration of the birthdays of Baha’u’llah and the Bab, the Founders of the Baha’i Faith.

This is the first year that every Baha’i community in the world is operating under a new calendar that specifies universal observance of Holy Days on the same date. Previously, Baha’is in the East and West observed different dates derived from calendars used in different parts of the world.

Everyone is welcome to join in the celebrations. Please see the accompanying poster for details of time and location.


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Light A Candle Saskatoon

To Light A Candle, a film by Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari, who was imprisoned in Iran in 2009 while a reporter for Newsweek, will be shown February 27 at 7 pm at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon.ToLightaCandlePstr

Bahari’s experience of torture and solitary confinement is the subject of Jon Stewart’s film Rosewater. Though not a Baha’i, Bahari saw firsthand the creative perseverance of Iranian Baha’i’s in developing an underground university to help their community survive ongoing persecution, including denial of education.

The Baha’i Community of Saskatoon is sponsoring the local screening along with Multi-Faith Saskatoon and The United Nations Association of Canada – Saskatoon Chapter.

Following the 50-minute film a panel will dialogue with the audience about why this situation is important and what people can do about it.

Panelists are: Kim Pate, lawyer advocate and Sallows Chair in Human Rights at the College of Law, U of S.; Dr. Mateen Raazi, physician and educator at the College of Medicine, U of S; Haleh Samimi, counselor working with youth at risk, Nutana Collegiate.


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Saskatoon Baha’is Contribute to New Temple in Chile

SANTIAGO — Not only do Saskatoon Baha’is have the privilege of contributing financially to the construction of the first Baha’i Temple in South America, two Saskatoon Baha’is—Jubin Nakhai and Alexis Nieland—have also gone to Santiago to work on the construction project.


Now everyone is welcome to take a look at the construction of this remarkable Temple, designed by a Canadian architect. The most recent in a series of newsreels on the construction of the Baha’i House of Worship for South America has recently been released. Opening with time-lapse photography, the film provides a glimpse of the emerging beauty of the temple, which rests on the foothills of the Andes Mountains overlooking the city of Santiago.

Among the developments related to the construction process, the video highlights the significant progress made on the wing-like shells that comprise the nine sides of the temple. With the steel frames of each shell now assembled, the placement of thousands of faceted cast glass panels that will form their exterior is well under way. Upon completion, the nine translucent sides will allow natural light to fill the House of Worship.

A theme that features prominently in this newsreel is the contribution of youth from around the world who have been inspired by the House of Worship to dedicate a period of their lives to serve at the temple site and in community-building activities in nearby localities.

“What I love most about the temple is that it is for everyone,” says one of the youth volunteers in the video. “It’s not just for a specific group of people, it’s open to everybody.”

In addition to the spirit of service that is animating the efforts of young volunteers, the newsreel also highlights recent events that convey a sense of how a growing consciousness of the House of Worship is permeating the surrounding population.

View the recent newsreel here.


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Saskatoon Youth Conference Promotes Empowerment, Transformation

The Saskatoon youth conference to be held July 11-13 at Wanuskewin Heritage Park in Saskatoon Saskatchewan will be an opportunity for youth aged 15-30 from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northwest Territories to come together to learn about personal empowerment and transforming their communities.

For three days, youth will study, consult together, and engage in artistic and cultural activities related to several core themes, including: the period of youth and its importance, including early adolescents (11-14), and the needs of serving younger generations; fostering mutual support and assistance along a path of service; youth and community building; and contributing to the advancement of civilization.

This conference is one element in a process of learning how to build capacity for service to one’s community that can begin before and continue well after the conference. Through this process, the youth have an opportunity to learn about building long lasting bonds of friendship with other youth their age and from their locality.

This conference is one of many opportunities to learn about walking various paths of service, including: working with younger children in the community; serving as an animator of the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program; fund raising for local social and economic development projects, or anything else the youth identify that will aid their community, both spirituality and materially.

Videos telling the story of previous youth conferences in other cities through interviews with participants are available at

Anyone aged 15-30 is welcome. Bursaries are available. For more conference information and to register visit the conference web site.

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Man of Trees to be Honoured With Meewasin Trail Marker

The Saskatoon Baha’i Community is collaborating with the Man of the Trees Trail Marker Dedication and PresentationMeewasin Valley Authority to honour the conservation work of Richard St. Barbe Baker, the Man of the Trees. Baker lived in Saskatoon from 1908-1912, and went on to become one of the first “global environmentalists.” The organization Men of the Trees, which he started in Kenya, was once active in 108 countries. The trail marker will be dedicated at noon on World Environment Day, Thursday June 5, just north of the Diefenbaker Centre on the University of Saskatchewan Campus. Full details are in the accompanying poster.

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Canadian Baha’i Community Has A New Website

Canada’s Baha’i Community has launched a new website. The new layout is straightforward and user-friendly. It has greater functionality and easier navigation than the previous site. With content generated by our learning and a process of consultation and collaboration among national departments, agencies, and users, the new site features several helpful resources, including the Baha’i Community of Canada’s statements and submissions to government, links to other national and international websites, and the media bank.


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Human Rights Focus for Saskatoon Teacher

May Cummings is a high school teacher with an interest in human rights. She also serves as President of the Saskatoon branch of the United Nations Association in Canada. May was born in Iran but grew up in Sweden and later, moved to Canada. Before settling in Saskatoon, she lived in Rankin Inlet, the Northwest Territories and Bella Bella, British Columbia, a very remote Heiltsuk Aboriginal community on the northwest coast. Human rights is a focus for her teaching and volunteer activities. Read more


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